According to the National Institute on Aging, most older, socially isolated, and lonely people develop severe health problems like heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure, and cognitive decline.

However, studies have shown that people who stay socially connected and active are less likely to develop dementia. Unfortunately, most older adults live alone, which isn’t perfect for their physical and mental health.

Working in your 60s or later can offset health issues and provide seniors with the opportunity to remain active within their community. Even though you might earn less than at the peak of your career, working as a senior can allow you to stay active throughout your golden years.

The key to working after 60+ is to look for something that gives you a sense of purpose. It is also essential to find a job that adapts to your lifestyle needs. Platforms like AGEMA Work can help seniors find flexible work opportunities, as AGEMA Work connects talent with reputable employers who require temporary staffing solutions.

On the AGEMA platform, seniors can simply upload their experience, references, and more onto their profile and quickly match temporary positions in their area. AGEMA Work also offers rideshare opportunities and online training.

Ideal jobs for seniors offered through the AGEMA Work mobile app include:

Food & Beverage

Having a job in a restaurant might not be very lucrative, but it provides you with flexible hours, and you can work in an area that matches your interests. Another benefit of working in a restaurant is it is not incredibly stressful, but it keeps you busy.

Working in a restaurant also keeps you physically active, and you can improve your interpersonal communication. Additionally, the number of people you’ll interact with daily is perfect for keeping you socially connected and engaged.


One of the best opportunities for older people is to work in the hospitality industry. Positions like tour guides and greeters are perfect for people over 60.

The hospitality industry has always been a senior-friendly workplace. Companies like Disney, Marriott, and McDonald’s are perfect examples of places where senior workers are trained and accepted. This industry provides you with flexible hours, reduced rates in brand hotels, fantastic if you love to travel, and is socially and mentally challenging.


The construction industry is a terrific area for older workers to keep working to stay active, fit, and healthy. It can also be a physically demanding job. But thanks to technology, there is a change in the labour market where more women and older workers are choosing to take jobs in construction. Besides, many construction companies offer part-time employment and flexible hours for older workers.