How An AGEMA Work Co-op Can Kickstart Your Career

Posted on April 9, 2022
by Michael
AGEMA Work Staff (1)
Though sporadic lockdowns and an increase in the minimum wage have hurt the hospitality sector over the past couple of years, AGEMA Work (AGEMA) has provided workable solutions for those seeking job opportunities. For example, AGEMA Work’s co-op opportunities have offered much-needed labour to employers, cut recruitment costs and helped our organization experience fresh insights while building a solid reputation within the community.

In addition, AGEMA has provided students with practical training and employment opportunities. We have provided relief to young Canadians during the pandemic, especially those in the hospitality and tourism industry. For example, take Aadit Patel, a Hospitality Operations Management graduate that was presented with the unique opportunity to work for AGEMA Work during his final semester at Centennial College.

As a result, Aadit received first-hand experience as a Hospitality Service Associate with Co-op Work Integrated Learning. This involved theoretical guidance for a few days via Zoom meetings by CEO and Founder Michael Agema and practical on-the-job training, guidance, and technical support by his supervisor, Jake Agema.

“Jake is a friendly and supportive supervisor who guides his team. He connected exceptionally well with the newcomers from the first day and effectively communicated all instructions and action plans. His enthusiasm motivated us to work better and helped us obtain more confidence”, says Adait.

Now you may ponder, what makes our co-work opportunities so unique? Well, not only does AGEMA Work help connect 15 resorts and hotels with a talented professional with the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen. We also teach up-and-coming hospitality students how to better coordinate day-to-day activities through different job placements, interactions, practical exposure to various work situations, and how to react to each one. These are core experiences co-op students can carry with them throughout their professional careers.

“Though, I felt nervous during my first days and struggled with managing my study time, work time, and personal activities. Thankfully, one of the best parts about working with AGEMA is the flexibility in the number of shifts and times offered via their mobile application. This allowed me to choose the type of job, location, and times according to my schedule. My jobs primarily include housekeeping, golf equipment operation, and food and beverage. It has indeed been a privilege to be a part of this organization, and I consider myself very fortunate to have opted for AGEMA Work”, said Aadit.

Co-op students also can make connections at various locations, and leveraging these relationships may be useful even after your co-op has ended. Often, upon completing an AGEMA Work co-op, many of our staff receive employment offers from our partners or other local resorts — AGEMA Work is all too pleased.

So, suppose you’re a co-op student looking for a work opportunity that will enable you to gain practical experience, develop marketable skills, and establish contacts in the workforce while earning your diploma or degree. In that case, AGEMA Work may be the perfect fit for you. For more information about AGEMA Work, visit

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