5 Things You Should Consider Before Joining A Staffing Agency

Posted on August 29, 2022
by Michael
AGEMA Work Staff

If you’re in the hospitality and services industry and looking for shift work, joining a staffing agency or job platform like AGEMA Work can be an excellent way to find flexible work opportunities promptly.

However, there are some pitfalls that job seekers should be aware of before signing up. So, we have compiled a list of five things you should consider before joining a staffing agency or online job platform.


Knowing the staffing platform or agency’s reputation is imperative for finding the best positions for your skills and knowledge. You should be able to trust your staffing partner as a strategic advisor. Moreover, staffing firms do more than send warm bodies to a company. They should also ensure a job placement is safe and that you are paid a fair wage.

Diversity and Inclusion

Working with a staffing agency that develops diverse teams and promotes an inclusive workplace is crucial. The AGEMA Work is a staffing provider that promotes and supports diversity in the work environment.

Licensing and Permits

As a job seeker, it’s imperative to work with a staffing agency that operates within the laws of each province. In addition, recruitment firms must possess formal licenses and permits to guarantee their credibility.

A new law in Ontario called the Working for Workers Act, 2021 will require licenses for staffing agencies and recruiters. The government has pointed out that this requirement will begin in 2024.

Employee Support

A platform like the AGEMA Work supports and communicates with employers and employees. So, as an employee, look for a firm that helps you. You should receive an assessment on how to improve your application to find the best job for your needs.

In addition, a staffing agency’s primary job is to find the best candidates for open vacancies. As a job seeker, a well-respected staffing agency will help you with whatever inquiries you may have, your CV, or the application process to ensure you land the correct job placement.


When you’re looking to join a temporary recruitment agency, it’s vital to understand how they ensure retention. For example, it’s a red flag if the firm is constantly turning over staff or if there is no leadership.

We recommend learning how the agency works, as not all companies work similarly. If you’re doubtful of the recruiting process, ask for transparency. This is favourable for everyone involved.

If you’re looking for shift work within the hospitality and services industry, visit agema.work or download the AGEMA Work mobile app and get started today!

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