AGEMA Work: More Than A Staffing Agency

Posted on September 28, 2022
by Michael

These days more than half of job searches are performed on smartphone devices. According to marketing research company Kelton Research — 4 out of 5 surveyed mobile users would use an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows phone to search for jobs. Of those, nearly half would apply for a job from their smartphone. So it’s evident more and more job seekers are turning to mobile’s convenience, simplicity and speed to gain access to employment.

Not to mention, smartphone recruitment is more than filling jobs. It’s the future of job seekers’ engagement as it can help ease the recruiting process between candidates and potential employers. AGEMA Work understands the importance of providing a mobile-friendly platform that streamlines the job application process.

Here are some aspects that make AGEMA Work different from other staffing agencies and job boards:

Hiring Time

It’s challenging for traditional staffing agencies to keep track of the hiring process. However, the AGEMA Work Employer Dashboard enables recruiters, hiring managers, and anyone in charge of the hiring process to seamlessly manage shifts and candidate applications. This, in turn, accelerates the vetting process and reduces time-to-hire.


AGEMA Work empowers employers to recruit as many or as few candidates required to fill vacant shifts. Thus, businesses can access a more extensive, highly skilled talent pool to help them meet their organizational goals. In contrast, job seekers can also benefit from AGEMA Work’s efficient recruitment process by securing work opportunities where they want, when they want.

Cost Efficient

Staffing agencies are effective, but they’re expensive to work with. Unfortunately, since it’s a costly solution, it can be challenging for your business to keep up. However, recruiting the perfect candidate for your company shouldn’t drain your resources. At AGEMA, finding the right candidate is possible in the most cost-efficient way. With an easy three (3) step process, businesses can cut hiring time, save money, and utilize local human resources. At the same time, job seekers can easily access work opportunities — making this a win-win outcome for all parties involved.


AGEMA Work is a leading hospitality and services SaaS company that connects talented professionals with reputable employers who require temporary staffing solutions. Nowadays, most employers and job seekers aren’t spending their days in just one location. Instead, they’re constantly moving around, which requires a mobile app to adapt to these changes.

Through AGEMA Work, employers can utilize AGEMA Work’s Employer Dashboard to find candidates and craft timesheets on the fly. While job seekers, meanwhile, can use the AGEMA Work mobile app to create their employee profile, discover local job openings, and more.  

So, if you’re looking for shift work or talent within the hospitality services industry, visit to learn more and get started today!



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