In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, all industries worldwide address uncertainty, and recruiting is no exception. This global health crisis has changed the ways employers find employees. Talent acquisition has transformed in ways we hadn’t expected.

Increasing or decreasing the number of employees has become one of the many challenges businesses endure during the pandemic. Talent recruiters have to protect their workers, customers, and the public while still managing workloads.

So, if you’re wondering what recruitment looks like now, during the pandemic?

Well, the straightforward answer is: digital. Across all types of industries, digital recruitment tools have quickly become a top-tier resource to fulfill talent acquisition needs. Adopting automated technology is beneficial and efficient for both recruiters and applicants alike.

Digital tools are unique for contacting and vetting potential candidates. Thanks to them, it’s possible to find information about people such as email addresses, profiles, and current employer information. Also, digital hiring platforms like Agema Work are an excellent staffing solution that can boost your staff needs and here’s how:

Mobile App

Digital hiring platforms like AGEMA Work were already boosting, but COVID-19 has increased the practice. As businesses adapt to this health crisis, artificial intelligence and automation become the best tools for expanding the workplace.

AGEMA Work offers employers and job seekers a streamlined method into modern employment. Through the AGEMA Work mobile app, job seekers can upload their experience, references and more onto their profile and quickly match with temporary positions located in their area.

Recruiting Dashboard

A recruitment agency or employer’s primary function is to find the appropriate person for a job position. As such, companies should use recruiting platforms like AGEMA Work to find talent fast.

At AGEMA Work, employers can create a business profile on the AGEMA Work dashboard in minutes. Once setup is complete, employers can also find temporary staff available for shifts quickly, view their work experiences, references, work history and previous job ratings. But, most importantly, employers can hire with confidence and efficiency.

Social Media Platforms

One of the most modern methods to recruit employees is by using social media. We recommend partnering with AGEMA Work and submitting jobs through the dashboard. Once approved, the job listing will be shared on our various social media platforms to a diverse candidate pool.

Keep in mind that your postings should outline all job requirements, as this will help nurture an honest relationship with people and increase your chances of finding a legit candidate for your job opening.

Bottom Line

Lastly, these days, it’s vital for both job candidates and recruiters to seek each other as it’s easier to develop workable solutions. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has tested our creativity to find ways to recruit staff members during this challenging time. But, thanks to digital tools and platforms, it’s possible to get the results you’ve expected, even in this climate.