How to find work as an international student in Canada

Posted on January 8, 2021
by Michael

According to CIC news, Canada’s international student population has grown six-fold over the past 20 years. In the last decade alone, it has tripled. Thus, making Canada one of the top study destinations for many international students. 

Suppose you are an international student or about to become one. Finding a job is the perfect way to earn extra income to help yourself financially while focusing on your studies. It is also a great way to add to your resume or CV.

As an international student, there are some work limitations. For example, part-time students can work up to 20 hours per week during a semester, while full-time students are permitted to work anywhere in Canada, during holidays and up to 40 hours per week. 

Do not get discouraged by this limitation, as there are many vacant jobs needed to be filled by contractional workers. So, AGEMA Work has compiled some tips for international students to follow when seeking employment in Canada.

Explore Your Job Options

It is critical to start looking for jobs immediately after you find out your destination in Canada. Also, don’t be afraid to network or talk to people you know in Canada to better understand the job market. 

If you are a student with little or no work experience, you can still gain Canadian experience through some well-paying job options: 

Part-Time Jobs

  • Food & Beverage Server – up to 14 CAD/hour
  • Busser – up to 12 CAD/hour
  • Customer Service Assistant – up to 11 CAD/hour
  • Housekeeping – up to 16 CAD/hour

Full-Time Jobs

  • Cook – up to 19 CAD/hour
  • Recreation Coordinator – up to 15 CAD/hour
  • General Labourer – up to 14 CAD/hour
  • Administrator – up to 20 CAD/hour 

Write An Excellent Resume and Cover Letter

When looking for job opportunities in Canada, it is crucial to write an excellent cover letter and resume. Also, keep in mind that it is general practice to attach a cover letter to your resume or CV in Canada. 

A cover letter is a short statement about who you are and why you are interested in the position offered. Its primary purpose is to tell the recruitment person why you are the best option for the job. 

The key when writing an excellent resume is to focus on your assets. Always tailor your resume and be specific about your experience, qualities, knowledge and skills.

Gain Experience

When you know what kind of job would be useful, it is an excellent strategy to use online platforms or mobile apps to help you find opportunities. You can find work opportunities through online job search engines and mobile apps like AGEMA Work. 

Through the AGEMA Work mobile app, international students can create a user profile and quickly match with temporary positions in their local area. AGEMA Work also offers rideshare opportunities, online training, schedule flexibility and much more. To learn more about the agema work, visit

Ultimately, if you are an international student looking for a job opportunity in Canada, it is crucial to manage your expectations. Usually, it can take time to find your first position. The key is to build experience, so make sure to seize every opportunity.

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