How Technology is Reshaping Hiring in Hospitality

Posted on September 9, 2020
by Michael

Technology has always impacted the hospitality and service industries throughout time. It has also helped businesses reduce costs, boost operational efficiency, promote services, increase staff flexibility, and improve customer experiences. However, there is one area where technology has a massive impact, and that is on the hiring process. For instance, using technology in recruiting is an excellent way to speed up candidate vetting and maintain a thriving workforce.

Technological recruiting involves finding quality talent to match hiring needs. Technology not only allows recruiters to find high-quality candidates, but thanks to recruiting tools, employers now find talent with a click of a button, saving businesses both time and resources. Also, the use of recruiting tools helps job seekers to have a fast, straightforward application process.

Also, with recruiting platforms and mobile apps, both recruiters and talent can connect on a single platform. People are using mobile devices for everyday duties, including looking for jobs. There is no denying that mobile usage is developing for job seekers worldwide. Mobile apps are becoming very common, as 58% of people are looking for jobs on their phones.

Take AGEMA Work; for example, AGEMA is changing how the world works by seamlessly connecting talented people and employers without boundaries. Businesses can view and recruit temporary talent through the AGEMA dashboard within minutes. For example, when a hotel manager uses this recruiting tool, they can reach more qualified applicants across the province of Ontario to fill an open shift. In contrast, mobile app users can create a profile and start applying for temporary employment opportunities.

In a nutshell, recruiting technology has undoubtedly reshaped hiring practices—and for the better! Businesses can get access to a larger, highly skilled pool of talent that can help them meet their organizational goals, while job seekers get to learn new things and benefit from a more efficient hiring process. For more information on the Agema Work, visit

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